Me as a Human

First off, it means a lot that you're reading this and care who I am as a person because I certainly identify as more than just a great digital marketer.

I grew up in Mississauga with parents from Poland and a fraternal twin brother. As a kid I was a total gaming nerd, and as a teen, got into American football, even going on to coach kids for a few seasons.

As an adult I'd say I'm back to being a big nerd - like, actually playing Dungeons and Dragons, nerd - but I do try to stay active, organizing rec league teams for my friends and trying to sneak some exercise into my work weeks.

I studied Criminology in my undergrad. I'm a dog person even though they make me sneeze, a music person even though I don't play any instruments, and you better believe I'm in the know about anywhere that sells carbs in Toronto.

Throwing in some fun facts here; I have a few small tattoos, bartended for a few years, taught myself to juggle while work-travelling with the carnival one summer, run a small ecommerce business with some gaming influencers and have appeared in fifty videos on blogTO.

Looking forward to getting to know you, too!