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Best Buy - Corporate Training with RED Academy

Project Scope

During my time as a Digital Marketing Instructor at RED Academy, I was tasked with the project of producing a ten-week corporate training program for 30 members of the marketing teams at Best Buy Canada.

My responsibility was to oversee the production and delivery of lessons built around topics which aligned with the client's needs. I was also managing several contractors - many remote - to ensure that deadlines were met and that the delivery of the training went smoothly.

Receiving feedback on regularly scheduled calls with the client, we put together ten three-hour-long lessons which included analytics, SEO, social media management, email marketing and PPC advertising.


Our primary measure of success for this project was based on feedback surveys which were distributed to all attending members of the client's organization. Feedback criteria included the depth of the content being covered, the pace at which material was being delivered, the relevance of the material to the daily jobs of attendees and whether attendees felt that the instructors were knowledgable on the topics they discussed.

After ten weeks of feedback, overall we received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Over 95% of respondents submit that the lessons satisfied all of the criteria provided with the exception of a few pacing concerns for some individuals which we were able to rectify.

It was an incredible experience to work with so many brilliant marketers at a world-class organization and contribute to the cross-training of their highly specialized department teams.

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