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RollFor - Podcasting and Social Media

RollFor is a creative podcasting project which I started with a group of friends in order to experiment with audio recording and editing software. The podcast features recorded sessions of Dungeons and Dragons play, following a fictional story and including out-of-character discussion between players.

Music was resourced from a handful of websites which share audio under creative commons. Attribution for all audio creators was listed on a WordPress website and links pointing back to audio credits were included on each episode's RSS description. Episodes were distributed to all major podcasting platforms using Anchor.

We collaborated on developing a basic brand style guide and established a recording schedule and social media strategy. Social content included behind the scenes story highlights and stylized quotes taken from episodes that were posted in accordance with the release of podcast episodes. We performed some post-boosting with a moderate budget to enhance reach and also ran a small social ad campaign targeting a niche audience of listeners, generating clicks for under $0.50, well below the average CPC.

I the end, we were able to amass several hundred listeners from a dozen countries, and were able to conclude that approximately 50 individuals listened to all six episodes that were available at the time of our paid campaigns.

During early recordings, we also managed to setup a live video streaming integration which pushed a feed of our sessions to several platforms including Twitch and Mixer. After a few sessions, this proved to effect audio quality we opted to stop streaming to simplify recordings.

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