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Speaking Events and Workshops

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Attending live events and watching videos online contributed tremendously to my professional development as a digital marketer and I have always gravitated towards speaking opportunities. To date I have had the opportunity to speak publicly dozens of times at workshops and webinars facilitated through past employers and privately held events for small business groups looking to learn more about modern marketing practices.

I've valued every bit of feedback that I have received speaking over the last few years and have certainly felt that while many talks were hugely successfully, others seemed to completely bomb. In either case, I have come to recognize the importance of taking the time to understand exactly who my audience is going to be and tailoring my delivery to them, no matter how confident I am in the subject matter.

Topics which I have covered in talks and workshops include: the Future of Voice Search, Content Marketing Strategy, Analytics and SEO Basics, Introductions to Digital Marketing and more. I have also had the opportunity to MC two panels which featured discussions around data privacy in a digital age and start-up lifestyle and culture.

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