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Swag Junkies - eCommerce and Influencer Marketing


Swag Junkies is an eCommerce website that provides content creators and influencers with full-service online storefronts to sell a wide variety of customizable merchandise to their audiences.

Swag Junkies is built on Shopify and all products are generated using the popular drop-shipping service, Printful, which ships products across the world and domestically within the United States and European Union. Performance is monitored through Google Analytics.

I independently created and manage Swag Junkies, servicing dozens of creators and thousands of customers.


I built Swag Junkies with the intention of generating sales entirely through organic web traffic from partners's channels. Initial partnerships were built through direct outreach to prospects but would later include paid acquisition strategies, using niche ad targeting options on Facebook and Instagram coupled with Unbounce landing pages.

Branded social media channels are automated through Hootsuite, engaging with customers and providing partnership info for prospects. Social engagement with existing partners occurs primarily through Discord.

Accounting processes are almost entirely automated using script macros in Google Sheets to resolve date from multiple reports and Mailchimp to distribute balance updates and newsletters monthly to partnered influencers.


Swag Junkies receives thousands of visits each month and generates five figures in gross sales annually with virtually zero advertising. Site traffic from around the world converts at approximately 1.5% and is almost 100% organic, including direct, referral, social and search sources. Returning customer rates have increased by 36% year over year and average order value has risen by 5%.

Advertising and lead generation efforts have been an effective source of new partnerships, but partner referrals and relationships formed through direct outreach are still the leading drivers of growth. Lead generation efforts through Facebook advertising saw lead costs (CPL) as low as $32 with the landing page used converting at 3.4%, over 30% better than the average landing page (2.35%).

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